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Welcome to Atmistique, a new e-cigarette destination!

Our mission is to make e-cigarette’s users’ life easier and mainly more enjoyable. We, Atmistique’s founders, are e-cigarette’s users ourselves, we found this new smocking experience and its benefits. Since then, and after a lot of research and love for the product, we’ve decided to turn our hobby into business and create an on-line store and a one stop shop where we everyone can try and choose the product of his tasting. Purchase your cigarette, flavor and/or accessories fuss-free with the best guidance in the market. Browse into our pages and meet a vast range of products, all tested by our team, at market’s best prices. Our products’ range can satisfy beginners’ needs as well as experienced e-cigarette’s users. Plus, our readers can get informed on benefits, products and accessories through a rich information material.

Try before Buy: Our “one stop shop”, at 26, Panormou street (Ambelokipoi region, downtown Athens), offers a vast product range covering all users’ needs, even for the most demanding ones since they can find everything there is to know about e-cigarette in a warm modern store which combines creativity with information. Especially for the new users and the non-decided ones, we provide the opportunity to learn more about the joy, calmness and real pleasure e-cigarette offers, which from our experience makes all the difference to the transition from the traditional smocking to the alternative one. Our visitors are nor just clients; they get a complete e-cigarette experience by trying selected products, since Atmistique’s competitive advantage is the prior – to- sale service: The opportunity to test / try before buy from a large selection of e-fluids, in order to find the one suited for your own personal taste.

This is Atmistique’s magic: A destination for everyone who is interested in changing his smocking habits for a better and more enjoyable life style.

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