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Atmistique is a new e-cigarette shop aiming in making vapor-users’ life easier and more delightful! Its founders, vapor – users themselves, discovered e-cigarette one year ago and discovered the benefits from smoke abstinence.  After much research in the e-cigarette market they decided to change their hobby into a business by opening the first e-cigarette one-stop shop where every vapor- user can taste and choose what suits him / her.
“Atmistique” offers a vast selection of e-cigarette products covering all needs, even for the most demanding customers, since they can find inspiration and information in a modern & cozy store! Atmistique is the place to get to know the calmness, joy and delight to be found when switching from conventional smoking to an alternative  way.

Trial before purchace

Our visitors are not just clients; they can have a taste of the vapor experience by trying  a selected range of our products.
Atmistique’s unique characteristic is that our vast range of vapor fluids are open to our visitors to taste and select their preferred flavor according to their unique style. This is Atmistique’s magic: A destination where everyone can find his /hers taste, discover something new or simply get informed.
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