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Welcome to Atmistique, a new e-cigarette destination!

Atmistique, the client-centered e-shop, hopes to make vapers’ life easier,but mostly.. more enjoyable! Being vapers ourselves, we founded Atmistique after having witnessed with our own eyes the benefits of quitting smoking. So, after considerable research which stoked our love for the subject, we decided to make a living out of our hobby by setting up both an e-shop and a one-stop physical shop where one can easily sample and choose what’s best. Our aim is not just to sell any odd e-cigarette or accessory; rather, at Atmistique, our priority is to listen carefully to your needs and to propose only the most suitable system for you, helping you to avoid unnecessary trouble and expense. For us, every sale is the beginning of a long-term relationship with our customers, based on sincerity, mutual trust, and continued support.


In order to satisfy our customers’ particular needs, we have designed and manufactured exceptional products which have captured the attention of the global vaping community and are exported from Greece to all over the world. This however, is not the end of our journey. We continuously listen to your requests and we come up with new ideas for groundbreaking products which make vaping more enjoyable and your life easier. The Atmistique Series has been created with emphasis on original design, high quality and operational detail.


Browse our pages to discover a wide range of high quality, reasonably pricedproducts, suitable for both beginners and sophisticated vapers. In addition, you can find a wealth of informative material related to vaping.


At our physical shop, located at 26, Panormou street, Athens, we have a wide range of vaping products which address the needs of even our most sophisticated customers; in a modern and welcoming location, you can find... inspiration and information. Those who are new to the vaping scene, can taste the relaxing, happy enjoyment offered by leaving traditional smoking behind and moving on to the alternative of vaping.


In our place you are not seen just as customers; we want you to have a hands-on experience by trying out at your leisure a selected range of our products. In Atmistique’s friendly shop, you can try many of our products, such as a wide range of e-liquids so you can chose the ones that correspond to your unique, personal taste. A destination where everyone can find what they are looking for, to discover something new, or just to educate themselves.

That is the Atmistique magic.