Once upon a time…

and more specifically on summer of 2011 Konstantinos bought an electronic cigarette to quit smoking.

When his family heard about it, just in case, they left home and the city. Nevertheless, Konstantinos was so enthusiastic with the e-cigarette that he decided to open a store to show to other people how to do it. To make his wish come true, he needed the best partner. That time on a forum he met a great man, Billy.

Konstantinos and Billy were extremely thorough, because they didn’t want to sell products that all other shops have. They wanted to test their products for learning how it works. In that way they know why they must choose those products from others. They spent their days and nights reading and testing, test every single product. This way in May of 2012, Atmistique opened its doors.

What kind of fairytale is this, you will think, without dragons, wizards and bad guys? And you ‘ll be right. In our fairytale there was non devil but something terrible has happened… Billy suddenly has gone to the city of angels. We could tell you more about this great man, but some words are too painful for a fairytale. So, we were forced to continue Atmistique story without him.

One day Konstantinos said: “I have a dream!”. Martin Luther King must have risen of his grave and all the rest… as expected run away. But Tasos, the moder liked the idea and together they decided to make the Atmistique Series. Their dream were to manufacture in Athens unique and define in details products. In due time, the Atmistique series began to travel, not only in Greece but all over the world.

A few months later, the beautiful Irene enters in the shop to buy one Eviva. When the boys showed her to the particular product she thought about working there and making the orders, to speaking herself with the clients and doing all the things that does until today.

The years went by and John had decided to become a partner from client and friend. And he is also stuck with us…

Since then, the days in Atmistique go by peacefully and creatively. The team makes more products, remembers Billy, tastes more and more e-liquids. They sleep and wake up with love for their work and the thought of making their clients happy.

And they live happily ever after…



The half of our clients call him “love” and the other half “unlovable”. In other words, Konstantinos is the man that we all love to hate.



He can create and repair almost anything. Tasos is the man that has any problem for every solution… Oh the opposite I meant. We call him “Tasos the Great”, but you don’t have to do the same.



Irene is the artist of Atmistique. Every day she serves the customers in the store, with her big smile, and prepares your orders by “painting” literally and metaphorically. Be nice with her because she chooses your gifts…



John every day does his best to serve the clients on the new shop in Vironas.