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Halo Tribeca flavor


Halo Tribeca flavor Tribeca Halo’s signature tobacco flavor features a semi-sweet top note reminiscent of RY4. Caution This product can not be consumed as it is. This is a concentrated product which you need to further elaborate in order to use it.


Halo Torque56 eliquid This powerful, unfiltered tobacco flavor is formulated for those who dare to revel in the taste of a pure, bona fide tobacco experience. A premium e-liquid, free of all the complex nuances, Torque 56 delivers a monster throat hit unlike any other.


Halo Devlin ready liquid Devlin. Rich caramel notes come together to create Halo Devlin ready liquid, a delectable Dessert E-liquid that is always smooth with a sweet finish.


Halo Belgian cocoa ready liquid Belgian Cocoa starts with a complex, dried cocoa base and layers in rich chocolate notes to achieve a Dessert semi-sweet flavor profile that’s a perfect all-day vape. Halo Belgian cocoa ready liquid.


Halo Tribeca ready liquid Tribeca Halo’s signature tobacco E-liquid features a semi-sweet top note reminiscent of RY4.

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