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Innokin EQs Pod


Innokin EQs Pod The EQs is powered by advanced Plex3D mesh coils with ‘micro-grooves’, increasing the total coil surface area for more intense flavors. Plex3D coils heat-up and cool-down faster than traditional coils, extending coil life and maximizing vape satisfaction. The Innokin EQs Pod is compatible with Innokin EQ Plex3D pods; EQ pods are easy [...]


Innokin Zlide replacement tank If the glass on your Nautilus X is broken or cracked, you can easily swap it out. Replace the broken glass with this tube. Innokin Zlide replacement tank is the replacement glass pyrex tube.


Innokin EQ Cartridge Having a e-liquid refillable system the Innokin EQ Cartridge with 0.5Ohm and 2ml capacity for your Innokin EQ pod.