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Smok Nord coil


Smok Nord coil  


Smok Novo Cartridge Having a e-liquid refillable system the Smok Novo Cartridge for your Novo pod.

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Smok Novo Pod


Smok Novo Pod Fabulous and gorgeous, here comes the newly designed pod system device is Smok Novo Pod! It has cobra covered at front and back, plated material at the side, both of which make the whole kit more exquisite. It has built-in 450mAh battery, powerful enough to give you expected vapor. Its mouthpiece is ergonomically [...]


Smok Stick Aio coil


Smok Stick Aio coil For Stick AIO and Priv One Starter kit coils. Do not forget: Before the first use please add a few drops of your favorite e-liquid inside the coil to make it fully saturated. Before you start vaping ensure that e-liquid nearly runs out. In other case, the coil inside may be damaged and [...]