DIY Multi Tool This handy little tool is ideal for making resistance. It has 3 different functions and is easy to use. The first side is a Philip screwdriver, and the other two sides are Allen.

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GeekVape Ceramic tweezer GeekVape Technology releases Multi-functional Ceramic Tweezer.  Using it to adjust coils, tighten or loosen atomizers.  Vapers got atomizer or coil stacked problem occasionally.  GeekVape multi-functional ceramic tweezer solved this problem with 7-24mm flexible material handle.


Multi-functional Plier Multi-functional pliers for professional vapers who make their own equipment.


Aspire Building Mat XL The Aspire Building Mat XL is a high quality mat used to protect your desk or table when you make your own coil.


Coil Master Coiling Kit V4 We’ve listened to our fans and just released the latest edition – Coiling Jig V4! Like before, with the double-sized top caps and the larger size, simply slip in any gauge wire, spin the cap away to your desired resistance and voila! And the Coiling Jig V4 Just Make Coil [...]


Vandy Vape Tool Kit Κασετίνα με εργαλεία από την Vandy Vape. Ακριβώς ότι χρειάζεστε για να φτιάξετε αντίσταση στον επισκευάσιμο ατμοποιητή σας. Ιδιαίτερα εύχρηστα και πολύ χρήσιμα εργαλεία για εκείνον που μόλις ξεκινάει με την κατασκευή όσο και για τον έμπειρο ο οποίος μπορεί να εμπλουτίσει την εργαλειοθήκη του με το Vandy Vape Tool Kit. [...]


Η συσκευασία του Terminator ToolKit περιέχει: Κοφτάκι Μυτοτσίμπιδο Λαβίδα λοξή για μικρο-ρυθμίσεις Σπαστό ψαλιδάκι Κεραμική λαβίδα Ίσιο κατσαβίδι Σταυροκατσάβιδο 2 x πλαστικές θήκες αποθήκευσης Συσκευή κατασκευής αντιστάσεων και ομόμετρο Σετ δημιουργίας αντιστάσεων (Kuro) Σετ από Allen κλειδιά


DIY Kit V3 With the Kit V3, you have the necessary tools essential for the construction of coils reunited in a storage case which is very practical. Nothing is missing, the tools proposed correspond to fastenings of atomizers and drippers on the market. Bonus, the Kit V3 is supplied with the 521 TAB Mini construction [...]


Atomizer base Material: aluminum


Cutting Pliers Diagonal Cutting Pliers – 125mm (Flat Blade), ideal for stainless steel wires


Coil Jig


Coil Jig Ένα απαραίτητο εργαλείο για όλους τους επισκευάσιμους ατμοποιητές και για κάθε χρήστη (νέο ή έμπειρο). Θα σας βοηθήσει να φτιάξετε τις αντιστάσεις σας με ακρίβεια και πιο γρήγορα. To Coil Jig είναι εξαιρετικά εύκολο στη χρήση του. Περιλαμβάνει 5 διαφορετικά post : 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, and 3.5mm


Cleaning Mini Brush The cleaning mini brush is perfect for RDA Coil. The highly attractive clean performance, prevent and clean the carbon deposition and the greasy dirty on the coil.    


Vaper tool


Eleaf Ohm Volt meter Α  standalone product in which you can check the resistance of your atomizers or can check the output of your mod’s voltage. It has a display of three digits and has an accuracy of +/- 0.4%. The Eleaf Ohm Volt meter can be read from 0.01 to 9.99 Ohms and 0,01 [...]


Coil Master 521 Mini Tab V2 The 521 TAB Mini V2 by Coil Master is a terrific tool which brings services to vapers who like to construct their own coils.The 521 TAB Mini V2 is a stand which you can install your atomizers and drippers, to work on your coils freely. However, the 521 TAB [...]


Ceramic cup CE2 dual-coil Packaging includes 4 pieces Atmistique Series In order to satisfy our customers’ particular needs, we have designed and manufactured exceptional products which have captured the attention of the global vaping community and are exported from Greece to all over the world. This, however, is not the end of our journey. We [...]


Atmistique Ceramic cup CE2 big slot CE2 ceramic fully compatible with the original ce2 ceramics. It has updated wick slot, from 1.5mm this ceramic has 2mm wick slots so it can accommodate more easily wicks up to 3mm width. In this large diameter wick/cotton insertion is more practical, easier and the e-liquid transfer (capillary action) [...]

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