Innokin Zlide replacement tank If the glass on your Nautilus X is broken or cracked, you can easily swap it out. Replace the broken glass with this tube. Innokin Zlide replacement tank is the replacement glass pyrex tube.


Aspire Nautilus Mini replacement tank The Aspire Nautilus Mini Replacement Tank replaces the original pyrex glass tube of the Nautilus Mini to create an amazing look. It can be screwed on the Nautilus Mini base (with the coil). This sleeve contains the air tube inside to screw the coil on. It also has a glass [...]


Aspire Nautilus X 4ML Adapter Kit Expand the horizons of your Nautilus X with this new 4ML adapter kit. While many people have enjoyed the shorter, low profile Nautilus X with 2ML Pyrex tube, many customers want to upgrade the tank capacity. The Aspire Nautilus X 4ML Adapter Kit is the simple solution. This 4ML kit [...]


Aspire PockeX replacement tank The Aspire PockeX replacement tank is a direct replacement for the 2ml tank section on the Aspire Pockex pen style vape. If you are prone to mishaps, or drops and dings you might want to keep a couple of replacement tanks on hand.


GG Tilemahos Armed Eagle Ο-rings Extra o – rings for GG Tilemahos Armed Eagle.