The king is dead, long live the king!

The revolution at electronic cigarette now has a name. Its name is pod and it is what we all used to dream about. Small, cheap and very effective. You don’t have to be an expert in order to use it. It works every time “no matter what”. It fits in your hand and certainly in your life.

Everyone that sow the pods loved it and they bought it right away. It’s love at first sight. Every person that enters the shop, see it, wants it desperately. “I will take you right here and right now” we hear them say to the pods. We blush and we move away, all of us except for Tasos who hopes that they might say this to him.

We believe that they are not overreact the pods are… beautiful. Perfect design in the details. As Charles Eames said “The details are not the details. They make the design.” They came in many wonderful colors in order to pick whatever you like. The best of its advantage is that it works very easily without special treatment. We put in the e-liquid and inhale. Simple as that. Many of the pods haven’t got any buttons. They activate automatically every time you inhale. Furthermore, they are too small. With a lanyard you can hung it up in your neck in order to have it always with you. You can wear it even as a jewelry. Its portability is amazing.

For the sake of the pods many people have given up their excellent mod. Others have given up many packets of real cigarettes. And one of them (we cannot tell his name) enters every day the shop to buy a new one. The first one was taken by his wife, despite her being a heavy smoker. He gave the second one to a girlfriend (!!!) and the third one to his mother in law.
Beyond all the jokes, the truth is that a pod is always needed. For outdoors or for everywhere.
Do you think that you can resist to it?