Wire Shots Choose your wire and make your coil. Wire Shots package of 10 pieces of 140mm each. Alien: 20ga*29ga + 32ga Alien Clapton: 18ga*26ga + 32ga Clapton: 26ga + 32ga Fused: 2*28ga + 32ga Juggernaut: 2*28ga + 2*32ga + 18ga*35ga Tiger: 26ga + 18ga*35ga

Ready coils

Ready Tiger coil


Ready Tiger coil Ready Tiger coil kanthal A1: 26ga + 1.0*0.14 (flat) Package includes 10 pieces

Ready coils

Ready coils kit


Ready coils kit Ready coils kit, Ni80 wire. Package includes: 4 x A 0.4Ohm 28GA*2 + 38GA 4 x B 0.3Ohm 28GA*3 + 38GA 4 x C 0.4Ohm (28GA*2) + 38GA 4 x D 0.12Ohm 26GA*3 + 38GA 4 x E 0.2Ohm 26GA*2 + 38GA 4 x F 0.3Ohm (26GA*2) + 38GA

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