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Atmistique series



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In Greece, during our celebrations and feasts, when we clink our glasses, we say “ygeia” (“health”) or “eviva” which is the modern version of the ancient Bacchus-Dionysian exclamation “ευοί-ευάν” (evi-evan!). So we named our new repairable atomizer “Eviva”, because we want every draw to feel like a party!

Its main body is made from AISI 304L food grade stainless steel, while the pole is adjustable and brass for better conductivity. The insulated part of the base is made of Ketron® food grade peek, a material that can withstand extremely high temperatures (249 °C continuous – 310°C over short periods of time).

The main part of the atomizer hosts a classic CE2 ceramic cup to ensure its unique superior taste, within which you can set up the coil using ONLY resistance wire, making replacement much more practical and easy. This ceramic cup may also be replaced by an SS replacement, for those who enjoy a cooler vape.

We have retained the same liquid feeding methodology as in Diver; however here we have the advantage of a larger diameter, which provides a larger liquid chamber and enhanced feeding.

The air inlet is adjustable with three holes (middle hole not used) at clock positions twelve, three and six, allowing you to select the desired draw precisely and it lines up perpendicularly with the coil and then straight to the drip-tip.

With a diameter of 23mm the tank version has a height of 36.5 mm and a capacity of 3ml. Besides of the outer part and the final upper cap, it also includes a bell type 3mm conical tube reaching to the drip-tip for a thicker vape with a smooth-strong throat hit (REMEMBER TO UNSCREW IT CLOCKWISE).

Included you will also find a ready coil and a complete set of spare o-rings.

Choose your “drink” and let Eviva unfold all the notes of your favorite liquid, giving you a unique vaping experience.


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